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Create an account and purchase a plan. Plans include access to our Video Library and/or Zoom classes.



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Watch class when you want! For Zoom flows, you can book 

up to 30 minutes before

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What types of plans do you offer?

We have two main types of plans – Library Access and Zoom Flows. We have numerous pricing plans differentiated by access to our Library of Videos, access to book Zoom Flow classes, or both. Learn more about our class offerings by clicking ABOUT on our navigation bar.

Can I use my existing in-studio Other Movement Class Pack to avail of these classes?

Depending on your package, yes, you can convert your remaining Studio Class Packs to OM Online Packs until November 5, 2020. Send us a message at credits@othermovement.com to begin conversion

Which modes of payment do you accept?

We accept debit/credit and PayPal. Click on pricing to choose your plan.

Note: If you are having trouble paying through PayPal, please send us an email at hello@othermovement.com and we'll make sure to help you with you payment!

How do I begin?

After creating an account, click on Pricing, choose the plan that fits you, and you're all set! Depending on the plan you purchased:
Click CLASS LIBRARY to view all class videos and real time videos.
Click BOOK ZOOM to book a Zoom Class. Note: Expiration begins upon purchase.

What's the difference between the Library Access and Zoom Flows?

Our Library Access plans gives you access to our library of class videos for flowing at whatever time you want, and in real-time for some classes. This includes our OM Signature Flow, Gentle Flows, HIIT, Express, Meditation, Tutorials, Animal Flows, and Prenatal. New videos weekly. Our Zoom Flows are classes with a maximum of 12 students each for an intimate class connection. Instructors can give adjustments and students are able to ask questions. Enjoy premium music-heavy Vinyasa-based OM Signature flows with personal interactions.

Can I purchase a Zoom Package as well as Library Access plan at one time?

Yes, you can! For best value, you can purchase the Full Flow Pack for Unlimited Library Access and 8 Zoom Flows bundle.

How do I book a Zoom Flow?

1. Click PRICING on the navigation bar to purchase a Zoom Flow Plan
2. Head to BOOK ZOOM on the navigation bar and select the class you’d want to book from the schedule. You can book a class up to two weeks before the class day.

Notes: – There are only 12 slots per class for quality control
– Only one person per Zoom window is allowed – You can book a class as early as two weeks before class until 30 minutes before class start time. – You can cancel a class up to 12 hours before class start time. Booking credits will not be returned if a class booking is cancelled less than 12 hours before class start time. 3. Enjoy class! Find your bookings and their corresponding Zoom links in MY BOOKINGS. You will also receive an email with the Zoom link after every booking.

– Please come to class 5 minutes before class start time as class will begin promptly. We have a 3 minute grace period from class start time to initially enter the class. – Feel free to ask your instructor questions before or after class
– For your instructor to be able to give you adjustments when needed, please keep your video camera on

What classes do you offer?

OM Signature Flows, Gentle Flows, HIIT, Animal Flows, Meditation, Tutorials, Prenatal, and Express Flows. Videos are uploaded weekly and we are constantly developing our selection of classes. You can learn more about our class offerings by clicking ABOUT in our navigation bar.

How often are new classes added to the Video Library?


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