Inspiring Stories

"I was never really a fan of Yoga until I experienced OM. It’s changed the way I see yoga that I find myself practicing almost every day! I’m the least flexible person i know and my mobility isn’t exactly great, but there have been noticeable improvements ever since I started practicing. Not only has OM been helping me physically, but it’s also been helping me mentally...

In the past few weeks I’ve found myself feeling anxious and stressed over things out of my control and whenever I feel this way I turn to OM. No matter what class I take, it never fails to leave me feeling renewed and

energized. Whether I'm feeling sore,

anxious, sluggish, or just looking for a good

way to move, OM has been my favorite

go-to. There’s just something about the

pacing, the music (!!!), and the flow of each

class that makes it so unique and keeps

me coming back for more"

–Isabel M.

"Never thought yoga will be part of my routine, to be honest. I was just surprised that after my first OM class, I kept on looking for it on the days I needed to relax and let go of all the stress.

With all the uncertainty around, I’m thankful OM provided us with a platform where we can deepen our practice and learn more about our body. Only good vibes, good playlists, and good teachers.”

–Henry V.

"With a fitness background filled with fast-paced activities, I never saw myself practicing yoga. I was caught up with the misconception that it was slow and boring but I was so wrong! I found OM at the time I needed it the most, and it has helped me both physically and mentally. What I love the most about yoga is the mindset I can take with me that goes far beyond the mat. Thanks OM for continuing to light the fire in me"

–Ina L.