At Home with John Spakowski

What are you looking forward to today?

Since today is recovery day, I am looking forward to eating.

What are your daily rituals?

The first part of my day is dedicated to creating mind space and harnessing inspiration. When I wake up, before any interaction with people and electronics, I meditate for 15-20 minutes. I then have a big mug of black coffee as I read or listen to podcasts. Then I slide into my movement/fitness practice for the day, which usually revolves around Animal Flow or kettlebell/dumbbell flows. By this time I’m fired up and ready to take on my primary tasks for the day, and break my fast which is usually by 9AM. As my day winds down, I usually close with a cold mug of beer or glass of red wine.

What are your realizations at home?

One of the many realizations I have had during these unpredictable times is that nothing is in our control. As I started to accept this concept, ironically, it helped me regain control. Reminding myself that nothing is certain, gives me the motivation I need to create my own certainty–one day at a time. Goes without saying that this is no easy task.

How are you nurturing your passions?

To thrive in this lockdown environment I had to curate a space where I could replicate the stimuli I used to get from outside sources like the gym and my work community. The first segment is my work and creativity area. This is where I do my marketing work and zoom brainstorming sessions for business. My favorite tools that help me harness my ideas are a good-old whiteboard and marker. The second half is dedicated to my movement & fitness practices. This area consists mainly of specific functional training equipment and some open floor space. This gives me the freedom to do whatever workout feels right for the day. It is in this space also that I teach my online Animal Flow classes.

Join Spak's Animal Flow Classes on Zoom every Friday at 11:00am (Philippine Standard Time) Book your spot here and watch his Kettlebell Workout videos in our Video Library. New videos drop every Thursday.


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