At Home with Jenny Soriano

What are you looking forward to today?

More nursery and baby set up! I’m definitely going through this nesting phase. I’ve been shopping more than usual lately - but it’s for the baby so it’s technically ok. Just getting everything prepped and ready for the so called 4th trimester!

What are your daily rituals?

I love tending to my mini herb balcony garden in the morning - seeing how they grow makes me happy. Plus checking what I can harvest and use for my meals throughout the day. Pre covid I just had a lot of indoor plants, but started a more “edible” garden during the lockdown. Highly recommend it. I also cook breakfast and start doing any preps for lunch or dinner. Of course I do a workout during the afternoon - at least 20mins to realign and reconnect w myself.

What are your realizations at home?

I’ve been forced to reevaluate how I treat my possessions and my home. Since all my time is spent at home, I end up fixing or decorating my space with more things that spark joy! Usually that means I’ll add plants, candles and some nicer plates for the kitchen all while decluttering and getting rid of stuff that just weigh me down.

How are you nurturing your passions?

So far it’s just being consistent that helps, I wasn’t allowed to exercise for a while and that took a toll. But once I was back, just having a consistent time and routine can help nurture and ignite your passions each time. Even finding inspiration elsewhere - online or through friends. At the same time, giving yourself a break - not being too hard on yourself definitely helps too!


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